Data Analytics

Navigate the noise of analytics.

We understand that every company and the data it chooses to collect and analyze is completely unique. Quantic can help you navigate the noise through analytics technology enablement delivering you with actionable insight.

Gain insight from omni-channel data.

Adapt and extend your traditional business analytics to unstructured mediums such as e-mail, web, social media, content systems, and database text. Quantic’s consultants can expand your existing business analytics investments by integrating Quantic Endeca Information Discovery to deliver improved customer visibility, data insight, and overall business growth.

Power your customer experience with data.

Take your e-commerce store to the next level of personalization by incorporating data and content to power the user experience. Quantic can help you implement the Quantic Commerce Experience Manager so you can take your analytics data and use it to drive a rich and rewarding user experience.

Overcome big data.

Quantic understands the challenges retailers face and inundation with seemingly endless streams of customer and operational data is one of them. Overcome your big data problems by partnering with Quantic to implement Quantic Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to enable your employees at all levels to extract meaningful, executable information and insight from your streams of structured and unstructured big data.

Turn your insight into predictive analytics.

Increase your company’s revenue and growth by taking your tactical insights and turning them into predictive analytics. Quantic can rapidly implement your Quantic R-Advanced Analytics software enabling you to take your data and hard earned historical insights and leverage them into future forecasts of customer behavior and predictive trends.