Data Science

A boutique AI technology company focused on providing best-in-class solutions in ML and AI specializing in Computer Vision, NLP and Reinforcement Learning Motivated by Akaike Information Criterion we, as a company believe in delivering efficient AI models that provide maximum impact.

Deep learning experts in Computer vision and Natural language processing Derive actionable insights from unstructured data Language processing expertise in intent extraction, chatbots, natural querying AI-enabled process automation High throughput inspection with Machine vision

  • Surveillance
    • People tracking
    • Face recognition
    • Vehicle tracking
    • Hand gesture control
  • Retail
    • Out of stock detection
    • In-store customer analytics
  • Healthcare
    • Medical imaging
    • Disease modeling
    • NLP based drug repurposing
    • Revenue leakage in hospitals
  • Finance
    • Optimal order execution
    • Portfolio optimization
  • e-Commerce
    • Product recommendation
    • Advertising optimization
    • Fraud detection