Internet of Things (IoT)

Quantic understands the language of your industry. Explore how your unique needs become competitive differentiators Quantic uses industry leading practices with qualified resources. Our approach and expertise allow for the fastest time to value and helps maximize the return on your IOT investment.

Of all emerging technologies, CIO’s and CTO’s believe the Internet of Things (IOT) will be the most important, ranking it above others such as artificial intelligence or robotics, according to Forbes. Quantic has helped companies in successful real-world impact of IOT by enabling infrastructure, such as sensory and tracking technologies, advanced analytical capabilities running on the new generation of processing power.

Sensory technology is a particularly important and interesting field, developments in which have significant implications across industries and Quantic has been helping companies. Sensory and tracking tech creates real-time streams of invaluable data with a unique predictive potential. Over time, as sensory and tracking technology accumulates a significant amount of detailed information – whether commercial or personal device information – Quantic can help you clean, store and analyze data. Data analytics will become an even more critical function with the evolution of hardware-powered machine learning and AI. Quantic can help you translate this data into cost-efficiency and the discovery of innovation avenues among other critical implications.

Sensor fusion will bring the output of connected ecosystems closest to what a human brain does reading the environment by fusing together information from various sensory systems of the body. Granular streams of data from advanced sensory and tracking tech will be molded into a single model by advanced analytical capabilities of artificial intelligence running on the new generation of CPUs.

Quantic can help your raw sensor data into actionable feeds, whilst simultaneously mitigating immediate privacy issues. Quantic has deployed systems across many verticals and environments, the results of which demonstrated the versatility, accuracy, and potential of this approach. Call Quantic for your IOT needs.

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